Scholarship Recipient: Rochelle

Photo of Rochelle

Rochelle was diagnosed with the rheumatologic disorder of Familial Mediterranean Fever, an inherited auto-inflammatory disease characterized by recurrent episodes of inflammation due to an abnormality of the innate immune system.  In spite of this she has taken advanced classes in school and proven herself as a mature, gregarious, hard worker.  She has also volunteered in a multi-religious program to feed the homeless, made over 300 pillows for breast cancer patients, been a counselor at the muscular dystrophy camp and Phoenix Children’s Hospital Camp Rainbow for children with cancer, participated in the Korean Veteran Youth Corps, received an award for an essay on the Holocaust, and received an award for the VFW Voice of Democracy.

Rochelle is presently attending the University of Arizona as a senior She is majoring in Physiology and has set her courses for future semesters.   Her goal is to continue to help others to succeed.