Student Tuition Scholarship Application Instructions


Students with arthritis must be enrolled in, or formally accepted by, any Arizona University or Community College Program.  All applicants must be Arizona residents.

Application Process

Please submit the following as a complete package:

______  1.  Application form (attached)

______  2.  High school and/or college transcripts

______  3.  Letter of acceptance from the university or college in which you are enrolled or enrolling

______  4.  Three current letters of recommendation from individuals with knowledge of your academics

______  5.  Certification of diagnosis of arthritis by a physician

_____    6.  Personal statement describing your disability                                                                

______  7.  Personal statement describing your educational and career goals    

All documents become the property of the TASL Scholarship Awards Committee.  The committee reserves the right to contact the references and institutions for verification of information.

Scholarship application materials should be submitted to:

               Tucson Arthritis Support League

               Scholarship Committee

               P. O.  Box 31164

               Tucson, Arizona 85751


For additional information, refer to